Ways to Prevent Tooth Loss

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Wisdom teeth removal might leave you with 28 teeth instead of 32. When they smile, people prefer to focus on their front teeth, yet every tooth is important for healthy function.

Your teeth—canines to molars—help you eat. They also improve grammar and pronunciation. Even one missing tooth may reduce jawbone density and harm the remaining teeth.

We’ll provide you tooth-care advice when you visit our clinic. Use these 10 methods to keep your natural teeth.

Nourish your teeth.

You know to avoid sweets. Include tooth decay-preventing items in your diet. A crunchy vegetable may remove food particles. Bring fresh veggies to every holiday dinner.

Correct Toothbrushing

Everyone should brush twice everyday. Use suitable approaches. Overbrushing may damage gums and tooth enamel. Let us help you remove plaque and tartar while brushing gently.

Floss Daily

Flossing has several approaches. Some like string floss. Some use water flossers. Find what works for you to keep your teeth clean.

Regular Exams and Cleaning

We miss you and want to visit you every six months, but there’s more. We all know that early detection improves preventive care. Avoid tooth decay and gum disease by scheduling more frequent cleanings with your dentist.

Reduce Acidic Drinks

Daily soda consumption may damage teeth. If you want a soda or juice, drink it all at once. After that, rinse your mouth to restore pH.

Rehydrate Your Throat

Medical conditions may cause dry mouth. Is your mouth dry? Our mouth rinses may keep gum tissues moist.

Never Use Your Teeth as Tools.

This is crucial. Don’t open lids or containers with your teeth. Scissors prevent tooth chipping.

Use a Mouthguard. Athletics

Same reason athletes lose teeth. We can measure your mouth for a personalized mouthguard. Riding in dangerous regions may also need one.

Nighttime teeth grinding discussion

Grinding your teeth unknowingly may induce migraines and early tooth damage. A personalized mouthguard can protect your teeth from your habit.

Teeth Replacement

Dentures and implants protect jawbone and ligament health. This keeps your other teeth.

Urban Smiles Family Dental prioritizes tooth loss prevention for all patients. We’ll help while you’re at home. To maintain your teeth, don’t overlook cavities or bleeding gums.

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