There are plenty of dental gadgets out there that can help. Here are some of the best ones to consider:

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1. Sonicare toothbrush: This popular toothbrush is known for its powerful vibrations that help remove plaque and food debris from your teeth. It comes with a 2-year warranty and is available in different colors and styles to suit your taste.

2. Dental floss: Even if you brush and floss your teeth every day, food can still get stuck between your teeth. This is when dental floss is useful. It’s thin enough to get between teeth easily, but strong enough to get rid of even the toughest plaque.

3. Waterpik toothbrush head: If you need professional help for gingivitis or other dental problems, you might want to buy a Waterpik toothbrush head. This kind of brush head uses pressurized water to clean your teeth and get rid of bacteria and plaque. It takes some getting used to, but if you want to keep your smile healthy and bright, it’s worth the effort!

4. Electric toothbrush: If you have sensitive teeth or can’t reach your gums with a regular toothbrush, an electric toothbrush might be just what you need. These brushes gently clean your teeth and gums by pulsating, oscillating, or vibrating.

5. Tooth whitening strips: If you don’t want to use a whitening kit because it’s too much trouble, you can try using tooth whitening strips instead. These strips come in different flavours and are made to get rid of stains on the surface of your teeth. They work best if you use them often, but they are also not too expensive.

There are many dental tools that can make your life easier, like new toothbrushes and whitening strips. Don’t be afraid to try them out!

Always remember:

Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time…. Floss everyday.
Change your toothbrush when it looks used.
Visit us every six months.
Eat a healthy diet.
Stay hydrated all day long, and don’t smoke.

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