The Effect of Stress on Your Smile

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When we think about stress, we often think of the symptoms that are associated with it, such as worry, tension, racing thoughts, inability to sleep, and elevated blood pressure, to name a few. But you may not realize it, but even your grin can give away signals of stress.

Everyone on the planet has been under a lot of pressure during the last two year’s, and this fact is not hidden from view. As your partner in oral health, we want to help you recognize the effect stress may have on your mouth while also giving options to help you overcome it so that you can shine brightly.

The likelihood of you having gum disease may be exacerbated by stress. The reason for this is that when you are under pressure, your body creates more of the hormone cortisol. When there are significant quantities of cortisol created, your body prioritizes maintaining its own survival over all other functions. Your capacity to fight infections wherever in your body, including in your mouth and gums, is diminished as a result of this.

Have you found that when you’re under a lot of pressure, you seem to get headaches more frequently? Bruxism, often known as the habit of clenching one’s jaw or grinding one’s teeth, might be the cause. The majority of the time, we grind our teeth when we’re asleep. Teeth grinding and clenching our jaws too firmly may lead to a variety of health problems, including headaches in the morning and worn down teeth.

When we’re under pressure, some of us need comfort foods even if we wouldn’t ordinarily go for them. Ice cream, sweet desserts, and drinks might temporarily improve our mood, but consuming an excessive amount of these types of foods and beverages can have a long-term adverse effect on dental health. They have the potential to cause your teeth to become yellow, develop cavities, and accumulate plaque.

We are here to help you if you feel that your smile is beginning to reflect the effects of stress. Get in touch with our staff right away to get further information on our services and to discover how we can assist you. We are looking forward to catching up with you in the clinic very soon.

Always remember:

Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time…. Floss everyday.
Change your toothbrush when it looks used.
Visit us every six months.
Eat a healthy diet.
Stay hydrated all day long, and don’t smoke.

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