Never Too Sure

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On a recent business trip, Joe didn’t feel himself.  Perhaps it’s the jet lag, or perhaps the recent meal from the hotel is about to come back to haunt him.

He excused himself from his clients, and went to the washroom to splash water on his face.  He noticed a lump on his neck he’d never before seen. 

When Joe returned home, he felt worse than he did before.  He planned to hit the ground running this week, especially with the huge deal he landed during his recent trip.  He had to get better.  Immediately. 

When Joe proactively took it upon himself to make an appointment with his physician, the doctor asked him the usual questions about his health, lifestyle, symptoms, etc.  Joe recalled feeling progressively worse since the first day of his recent trip.  And then he mentioned something even more alarming.

Joe told his doctor that he had noticed recently that a few of his teeth had loosened.  He had planned to visit his dentist, but work, and life just seemed to get in the way.

We often ignore dental issues, rather than treating them as we would with other health issues.  And infrequent visits to the dentist are equally alarming because sometimes, health issues can be identified in correlation through oral health.

A visit with his dentist, and the dentist could have identified the loose teeth, the lump on the neck, and perhaps some growths or sores inside the mouth, which would’ve led to further investigative questions about health, etc.  These are all symptoms of oral cancer.

For the purpose of ending this story on a lighter note, the loose teeth were simply infected, and needed to be extracted, and the sickness just a flu he’d likely caught en route to his recent business trip.  And lastly, the lump on his neck: a cosmetic skin issue, that could easily be remedied with consistent washing and skin care products.  Perhaps a better diet, as well.

We are never too sure about our health.  Ask your dental and healthcare professionals about scheduling regular checkups. 

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