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The plaque bacteria use sugar to produce acid that attack your enamel and over time that causes tooth decay.

-Dr. Rob Andrew Urban Smiles Family Dental

We all know that eating too much sugar isn’t good for your health in general, but do you know how eating too much sugar affects your teeth?

It is not the sugar alone that causes tooth decay, but rather the process that happens after you eat the sugar. The mouth is full of hundreds of bacteria, many of which are beneficial to the oral ecosystem. However, certain harmful oral bacteria actually feed on the sugars you eat to create acids that destroy the tooth enamel, which is the shiny, protective outer layer of the tooth. Cavities are a bacterial infection created by acids, that cause your teeth to experience a hole in them. Without treatment, cavities can progress past the enamel and into the deeper layers of the tooth, causing pain and possible tooth loss.

Decrease the Effects of Sugar on Your Teeth

While it may be impossible to cut all sugar from your diet, taming your sweet tooth and following a few tips will help decrease the damage to your teeth.

  • Limit your consumption of sugar, including soft drinks and energy drinks.
  • Drink water to rinse your mouth while eating.
  • Brush teeth after eating sugary foods.
  • Don’t eat sticky, sugary foods such as candy.
  • Cut down on carbohydrates since they turn into sugar in your mouth.
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste which helps build up your enamel.
  • Floss regularly to remove plaque and reduce the bacteria between teeth.


Schedule regular dental checkups and cleaning appointments for your family; this way, any signs of tooth decay can be taken care of early.

There is no denying that people love their sugar. In fact, Canadians eat an astounding 88 pounds of sugar per year, that produces an enormous potential for tooth decay. Make the necessary changes in diet and dental hygiene now, so the effects of sugar on teeth don’t come when your family is preoccupied with bigger life events.

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