Here are some dental care truths and myths for you to consider.

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It seems like we’ve heard every crazy idea there is about how to take care of your teeth and how to fix them. But the most lethal ones are seldom that extreme. A lot of false beliefs about dentistry are unfortunately common.

The sensitivity of teeth differs among Edmontonian’s. Some individuals have very sensitive teeth, while others just have receded gumlines, exposing tooth roots and causing discomfort. While dental decay may induce sensitivity, it is not always to blame.

More sugar results in more cavities.

Brush your teeth if your gums are bleeding.

The rationale behind this misleading notion is that bleeding gums should be brushed after they have healed, whereas in reality, gums bleed because they haven’t been brushed enough! This is due to gum irritation caused by bacteria growth around and under the gum line. If your gums are bleeding, you have gingivitis or, worse, severe gum disease, and you should visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Cavities are indicated by sensitive teeth.

Bleaching might cause tooth damage or weakening.

Bleaching has no effect on tooth health, integrity, or strength. Teeth whitening, in reality, only affects the colour of teeth by eliminating tooth pigmentation. Some individuals may have sensitive teeth or moderate gum irritation after bleaching, but symptoms are just transient and do not signal any damage.

Putting aspirin on your teeth may relieve dental pain.

In no circumstances should you proceed in this manner. However, aspirin is only effective when absorbed into the circulation, thus taking it orally will not have any impact. Even worse, Dr. Rob Andrew cautions that aspirin’s interaction with the gums may aggravate existing discomfort and even cause burns. You wouldn’t rub an aspirin pill on your back to relieve muscular pain, would you? Not likely at all.

We’ve finally reached a point where we can communicate. Allowing dental misconceptions to circulate may be detrimental. Please share this information and contact Urban Smiles Family Dental if you have any concerns about how to maintain a healthy and attractive smile in Edmonton.

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