Guidelines for Good Dental Hygiene for Athletes.

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Dr. Rob Andrew stresses the need of regular dental care for athletes of all ages and abilities. Most athletes pay close attention to their diet and training schedule. Taking care of your teeth and gums on a daily basis is an important part of that regimen, he explains. It’s unfortunate that you’ll have to miss training or a game to have dental work done or recuperate from oral surgery. We have a long list of athletes who are patients at Urban Smiles Family Dental, professional as well as amateur.

In this blog, Dr. Rob Andrew reveals his strategies for maintaining a mouth free of disease.

Shouldn’t you be wearing a mouth guard along with your uniform helmet? Check. Arm guards? Check. Mouth guard? Check! For the sake of your teeth, lips, tongue, face, and jaw, it is mandatory that you wear a mouth guard as part of your uniform while participating in any contact sport.
If you use a mouth guard every day, eventually you won’t even think about not using it. The most important thing is that the mouth guard you get from Urban Smiles Family Dental fits you correctly, regardless of the kind. Dr. Andrew has observed that “the athletes feel better when they begin wearing them, and they feel a bit naked without them when they have become used to them.”

Sugary beverages served at the sidelines
Water is preferable than sports drinks if you’re feeling parched. Dr. Andrew warns that although people may be attempting to rehydrate, they may be doing more harm than good if they consume sugary beverages.
The sugar in your sports drink will feed the bacteria in your mouth, and they’ll utilize it to make an acid that dissolves tooth enamel, making you more susceptible to cavities.

Remember to always follow up your tooth care routine with a thorough rinse.
Like learning the techniques of any sport, good oral hygiene requires consistent practice. Dr. Andrew believes a tooth that isn’t in good shape is more vulnerable to harm during a sporting event. “A tooth that has had a lot of decay and a lot of fillings is nowhere near as robust as a tooth that has neither,” he explains.
You may maintain a healthy smile by brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing once a day. Then, as the final step in your daily dental regimen, rinse your mouth with an CDA-approved mouthwash.

Always remember, “greatness isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for achieving success. It all comes down to being consistent. Working consistently hard is the path to success. Greatness is on the horizon”.

-Dr. Rob Andrew

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