Gag-Related Dental Treatment

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Gag-Related Dental Treatment Everyone has a gag response to prevent foreign things from entering the throat and airway. Exaggerated gag reflexes might make dental treatment difficult or impossible for certain persons. Dentists may cure your condition using specific methods.

Exaggerated Gag Reflex: Why?

Psychological, physiological, or combined causes your sensitive gag response. You may have survived a near-suffocation trauma. Dental treatment subconsciously recalls that. Dental anxiety, worry, and uncertainty may cause gagging.

Manage Your Strong Gag Reflex

You’re not alone if you gag easily. Most dentists have seen this problem. 10 gag reflex-management tips:

Communicate your fears: Dental health is crucial to your general well-being, so don’t allow your strong gag reflex prevent you from scheduling an appointment. Tell Urban Smiles Family Dental about your issue, worries, and prior dental procedures that made you gag. We can assist make your office visit enjoyable.

Breathe deeply through your nose to relax and avoid stress. If you’re congested on your appointment day, reschedule. Take a nasal decongestant before your visit to breathe easily.

Throat spray: Over-the-counter numbing throat spray temporarily relieves the gag reflex. Two or three sprays shortly before therapy should numb for an hour.

Snoring spray: Most patients react well to snoring relief spray, which does not target the gag reflex. To improve your dental visit, use it before.

A dab of table salt on the tongue may also help with physiological gagging. Swish with saltwater. Spit out the water.

When the dentist inserts a tool, hum. It’s surprising you can’t hum and gag.

Find a nice time: You may gag more at particular times. If morning brushing makes you vomit more than nighttime brushing, scheduling your visit later in the day may be beneficial.

Sit up instead of laying down: While it may involve some uncommon steps, the dentist may take impressions and conduct other work while you’re standing, which can help reduce the gag reflex.

Sedation: Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, and IV sedation enable the dentist to do great treatment without pain.

Every night after brushing your teeth, softly contact the toothbrush to the soft palate at the back of your mouth to suppress your gag reaction. By focusing on nasal breathing, you can control the gag reflex. Each week, move the toothbrush back. This method works if you practice.

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