Does your smile look like a Jack O Lantern?

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Does your smile look like a Jack O Lantern?  Does your breath smell like an open grave?  October marks the beginning of a very busy season, where you’ll be sure to encounter many, from Thanksgiving to Halloween; Christmas to Christmas Parties; New Years, and beyond.  You’ll want to visit Dr. Rob Andrew and the team sooner than later, to ensure that your teeth, gums, breath, etc. are in tip top shape.


Speaking of breath, the leading causes of bad breath, according to the Mayo Clinic (mayoclinic.org) are food, tobacco products, poor dental hygiene, dry mouth, medications, infections of the mouth; other mouth, nose and throat conditions, etc.


Tobacco use may be down in Canada, according to a 2011 Stats Canada poll, 19.9%- a reduction from 25.9% in 2001 (Canadians aged 12+), but it’s still an issue for some, and many are probably unaware of the impact their habit may have on their oral health.  Cessation products are aplenty, with gums, patches, vape pens, and E Cigarettes available to those looking to quit.  Talk to your doctor about options, and talk to your dentist about the current state of your oral health.


Oral rinses, gum, floss… even drinking water- these things can help.  Consult your dental team at Urban Smiles Family Dental for any and all advice on keeping things fresh as a pumpkin.  First impressions are important, and no one wants to be known as the person with the avoidable breath.  Garlic, onions, coffee… we all know the affect that these foods have on our breath.  Halloween will bring the erosion heavy sugars and hard candies that can crack teeth.  It’s important to schedule regular checkups and to keep our dentists and hygienists apprised with any concerns we may have, regarding our oral health.


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