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We live in a time where cutting out the middleman- becoming disrupters– is the most sought after business model.  Companies such as Uber, Amazon, AirBnB and Eat Fresh have found ways to cut out convention, and change how we view some of the enterprises in which we utilize in our day-to-day lives. 

In the Instagram, Podcast, era, there’s no shortage of ads for new mail order products.  Many are great.  Fresh groceries delivered to your home?  A time savings, AND a healthier alternative to food delivery.  A subscription clothing service?  Might be a great way to accessorize and add to or kickstart a wardrobe.  Especially for those without time, or the aptitude for it. 

For all of the good products and services available online, some still have a buyer beware warning. 

Would you trust a Do-It-Yourself tattoo kit?  Complete with stencils, needles and ink?  Would you cut your own hair?  Would you trust doing your own eye exam, creating a prescription and purchasing glasses or contacts based on this self-diagnosis?

Well- now you can be your own dentist.  You can purchase teeth whitening kits, which may utilize harmful levels of bleaching agents, which could irritate or damage teeth or gums. 

There are also braces that can be purchased online, which promise to deliver similar results to orthodontist grade braces, but at a fraction of the price and from the comfort of your own home- without an appointment.

And of course, you can purchase electronic toothbrushes online, which brand themselves as being more efficient, more powerful, and more cost-sensitive than some of the dentist approved options, sold in stores.

We’re not suggesting that you DON’T purchase these items.  But before you do, DO consult Dr. Rob Andrew and the team at Urban Smiles Family Dental. 

You’ll be glad you did.

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