Bad Breath Treatment

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Most people experience bad breath sometime in their life time. The most common cause for this condition is food particles decomposing with help from bacteria. The single most effective way to combat bad breath is to keep the mouth clean by effective brushing and flossing and regular cleanings. For those patients that experience persistent bad breath, diseases/medical conditions, medications and smoking are factors that need to be considered. For these cases we have tongue scrappers and antibacterial/non-alcohol rinses, designed to eliminate bad breath not just mask it.

Our Dental Office has been certified to dispense the Oralvitalâ„¢ System. Since 75% of the population may have an oral infection, we are convinced that with Oravitalâ„¢, you have access to a scientifically validated new standard of care.

The Oravitalâ„¢ system enables us to take action by screening microbiologically for harmful bacteria and prescribing treatment and maintenance rinses when needed to restore periodontal health while benefiting overall health.

Good health is important to you and those you love. During your next visit, please ask to be screened for oral infection.

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