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History of the Aevo System™

We created the Aevo System™ because orthodontic patients asked for it. The reason is the growing gap between orthodontic patients’ expectations and status-quo solutions. As patients ask for the perfect smile, they also ask for it to happen quickly, safely, and with better oral health. This is the foundation on which the Aevo System™ was created and will continue to advance.

While developing our ultrasound dental technology, we realized that it has the potential to help several dental afflictions. For that reason we investigated which clinical application to focus on first.

Initially we planned to develop a product for preventing tooth root afflictions caused by mechanical trauma, accidents, and even the mechanical forces applied by orthodontic braces. However, during our market validation activities, we intensified our interactions and discussions with dental professionals. Their feedback caused us to refocus our target applications to provide products that improve a clinic’s efficiency while providing their patients with enhanced treatment.

We learned that providing products to reduce the duration of orthodontic treatments helps both clinics and patients. Clinics can complete complex treatments more quickly and treat more patients, and patients wear braces for the shortest possible amount of time. We have since fully devoted product development to reducing the duration of orthodontic treatments by accelerating alveolar bone remodelling while maintaining healthy roots and patient comfort.

Designed by Canada-based SmileSonica Inc., the Aevo System™ is a therapeutic ultrasound system that accompanies and accelerates orthodontic treatment without causing pain or undesired side effects. Regular use of the system ensures faster tooth movement, shortened orthodontic treatment times, and improved patient long-term oral health.

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