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Your teeth, like the earth we walk on, are prone to erosion.

A 2015 poll from Yale University Rudd Center For Food Policy and Obesity study found that a majority of Americans understand that soda is bad for them.  However, as many as 48% are estimated to drinking soda on a daily basis.  How much soda?  A poll suggested as many as 2.6 glasses per day!

Your tooth enamel is the hard outer surface layer of your teeth that helps protect against tooth decay.  Did you know that your enamel is the hardest mineral substance of the body?  Fact.  It’s even harder than bone.

A major enemy of the enamel are acids.  There are natural occurring acids, which you can combat through regular dental and oral care (ask Dr. Rob about this).  But then there are things such as juices, citrus fruits, pops and other food items which can batter the surface of the enamel, softening it over time.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t drink an iced cold soda, from time to time.  I mean- there’s really nothing more refreshing than a Coke to wash down a burger or a slice of cheesy pizza.  But like the greasy food you’ll likely pair the soda with, you should limit your consumption and instead opt for a more teeth sensitive beverage option.

Another cause of erosion is the grinding of your teeth.  Perhaps it’s stress-related, but many people grind their teeth in their sleep, without realizing they do, which can lead to cracked teeth and erosion over time.  It can also cause jaw soreness, headaches and other ailments.  Not to mention, a disturbance in the quality of your sleep.

Preventative measures, such as a fitted mouth guard to wear during your sleep, can help counter the wear and tear on your teeth. 

It’s important to schedule regular check ups to ensure your teeth are in good shape.  Our diets may change, our stress levels can change, and even if you don’t think you’re prone to erosion, that may have changed since your last checkup.

Schedule yours today. 

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