Pediatric Surgery Post-Op

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Post – Operative Instruction for Pediatric Surgery

  1. Please watch your child carefully so that they don’t bite, chew or harm the area that is anaesthetized. Avoid hot soups or drinks while they’re frozen so they don’t burn themselves.
  2. Change the gauze pad every 15 minutes and keep pressure on the area for about an hour (longer if bleeding persists). Encourage your child to maintain a gentle pressure without chewing on the gauze.
  3. If your child is sore after the freezing comes out, you may give them whatever you would normally give them for a headache.
  4. Warm salt water rinses (1tsp. salt dissolved in 6-8 oz. of warm water) are recommended for the next few days if you think your child can tolerate it.
  5. Stick to softer foods for the first day and avoid anything too hot or too cold as this can start the bleeding again.
  6. Encourage your child to keep fingers and tongue away from the area for a day or so.
  7. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact our office.