What is a Waterpik WaterFlosser and how does it work?

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The WaterPik WaterFlosser is a flossing device that makes use of water to clean your teeth rather than the usual flossing string. It enables you to floss your teeth with water rather than having to run a string between your teeth.
It is recommended that you do floss your teeth regularly. This is because there are areas in your mouth that the brush does not reach while brushing, these areas may be breeding grounds for bacteria
How does the device work?
The water flosser uses a jet of water that is sent to the teeth at high pressure and from a small outlet. There is pulsation in the flow of water to dislodge any particles that may be stuck between the teeth. The jet of water is aimed at the gumline and between the teeth for effective flossing. As the water hits the areas, plaque, tartar, and food particles are dislodged and removed from the mouth by the flowing water.
According to Dr. Rob Andrew of Urban Smiles Family Dental in Edmonton Canada, the flossing string does not get rid of the plaque at the gum line. It only removes particles between the teeth. Even between the teeth, there are those small particles that do not come out. The only way you can remove the particles with water pressure. Waterpark waterFlosser delivers this pressure.
Research has also shown that flossing with pulsating water is more effective that using a steady stream of water. The device also has different pressure settings that enable the user to vary the pressure to his or her liking.
WaterPik waterFlosser is also more comfortable to use that the string. People who suffer from sensitive teeth may not feel comfortable pulling strings between their teeth. The flosser offers an alternative. Moreover, people who feel too lazy to floss their teeth also find the flosser easy and fast to use.
You should floss your teeth every day, preferably after brushing. Brushing should be done at least twice a day. Dr. Rob Andrew advises that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. If you brush and floss every day, you lower your chances of getting tooth decay and other hygiene related conditions by more than 40 percent.
WaterPik waterFlosser comes in many designs and features. There is the countertop design that comes with corded and cordless options. There is also the flosser and electric toothbrush combined into one.

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