Scared of the Dentist? Well this is how you fix that!

By October 23, 2017 No Comments

It is actually one of the most common fears out there, THE DENTIST! We are not really sure why that is, but the fact remains, so it is our job, maybe even our mission, to overcome this! It is time to LOVE the dentist, not just because of how healthy your teeth could be, but because DENTIST OFFICES ARE AWESOME!!

 Think about it, Dentists know the misconception about them, it is well documented. At Urban Smiles Family Dental we know it as well! And it is because we know this,that we have taken the time to make our office a welcoming place, one that looks great, and one that we have filled with incredibly friendly people!

 Well if that doesn’t bring some relaxation, I guess it is time for you to start using your imagination the right way! It is the imagination that runs wild if we let it, so instead of letting the dentist chair scare you, think about it as the captain’s seat of your very own spacecraft!… All joking aside, our imagination can get the best of us OR it can help us overcome things we have feared, maybe our entire lives.

 At Urban Smiles Family Dental we are dedicated to overcoming the idea that a dentist office is a scary place, and have taken the steps to make it a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere for you, but help yourself even more and don’t let that imagination run wild with fear, use it to overcome those things, and see that a trip to the dentist, could actually be fun!

 Visit us at Urban Smiles Family Dental in Edmonton, Alberta!

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