Wisdom Tooth Post-Op

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Wisdom Tooth Removal and Home Care

Immediately following surgery;

-There will be a gauze pad placed over the surgical area which will be held in place with firm biting pressure for approximately 30 minutes. After this time, the gauze pad should be removed and discarded. This process can be repeated several times until the bleeding is substantially reduced. If bleeding continues, bite on a moistened tea bag for 30 minutes. The tannic acid in the tea bag helps to form a clot. If the bleeding continues, please call the office for further instruction. Avoid exercise and strenuous activities until bleeding is controlled.
-Vigorous rinsing and touch the surgical site should be avoided. This may initiate bleeding by causing the blood clot that has formed, to dislodge and can lead to “Dry Socket” which will need to be treated in the office.
-Take the prescribed pain medications as per the instructions given as soon as you begin to feel discomfort. Take antibiotics if needed, as per instructions given, making sure it is taken for the indicated length of time.
-Place ice packs to the sides of your face for up to 36 hours to minimize the swelling. After the 36 hours change to moist heat this will help reduce the swelling if it is still present.
-Follow a soft diet for the first few days after surgery
-No smoking during the healing process, and no drinking through a straw as it may help to dislodge the blood clot.
-Brush teeth gently the night of the surgery, staying 1 tooth away from the extraction site.
-Avoid rinsing until the day after the surgery. Use only salt water rinses, avoiding alcohol rinses.
-Bruising may occur 2-3 days post operatively. Moist heat applied to the area may speed up the removal of discoloration.
-Sutures may be placed – Follow instructions given if a suture becomes dislodged. No cause for alarm.
-After your wisdom teeth surgery, your lips teeth and tongue may be numb for several hour. Avoid any chewing until numbness has worn completely off. Do not eat anything for two hours after surgery.
-The pain and swelling should subside more and more each day following the surgery. If you post-operative pain or swelling worsens, or unusual symptoms occur, call our office for further instructions.