Open & Drain Post-Op

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Post operative Instruction for An Open And Drain

– If anaesthetized, be very careful not to bite your lips, cheeks or tongue. Avoid eating or drinking anything too hot so you don’t burn yourself.
– Root canal therapy has been initiated but must be continued at another appointment about 2 weeks from now. In some cases, a third and even fourth appointment is required depending on the difficulty of the root canal.
– A temporary filling is placed between appointments. The material may wash out slightly, creating a depression
– Tenderness is normal afterwards, but a buildup of pressure or any swelling may indicate a need for antibiotics. Sometimes additional appointments are required to “reopen” the tooth and release the pressure.
– If possible, take ibuprofen before the “freezing” comes out. Preventing the area from getting sore is easier than waiting for it to get sore and then trying to get rid of it. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory AND pain reliever whereas acetaminophen is just a pain reliever. Patients with stomach problems or who are sensitive to Aspirin should avoid ibuprofen products.
– If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our office