Laser Post-Op

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Laser Post Op Instructions

Dental laser procedures result in little or no discomfort following surgery. If needed take prescribed pain medications according to instructions. Take Non-inflammatory medication for first 3 days after surgery for the therapeutic affect.

Carefully avoid chewing food in the areas of your mouth where the laser has been used for at least 2 weeks.

One of the most important results of laser surgery is the healing that occurs immediately following the procedure. It is extremely important not to dislodge the tiny clots (scabs) that form in the gums.

Daily Care:

  • During the first 24 hours, ONLY drink liquids.
  • During the first week, eat only soft foods (yogurt, cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, Jell-O, etc). Do not chew where the surgery was performed for 2 weeks.
  • Brush your teeth by placing the bristles of the brush on the gums below the tooth and carefully rolling the bristles toward the tooth surface. Do not stick the bristles into the gums. Brush the chewing surfaces of your teeth.
  • (Other oral aides such as; Proxabrush, Rubber tip or Waterpik, should not be used until after your 3 month maintenance appointment.)
  • When flossing, carefully place the floss between your teeth and avoid pushing the floss under the gums until instructed to do so.
  • Do not rinse with Chlorhexidine for the first 48 hours after surgery, then after, rinse 1-3 times per day.

The length of time it takes for your gums to heal depends upon the severity of the disease. Visible parts of the surgical site usually take 2-4 weeks to heal. Your deeper pocket areas may take several months to completely heal. Gently wean back into a normal routine of eating, brushing and flossing.

a. Soft Diet until: ___________________________.
b. Use red toothbrush until: ___________________.
c. No flossing until: _________________________.
d. Resume normal diet: _____________________.
e. Resume normal brushing: _________________.
f. Resume normal flossing: __________________.