Fixed Appliances Post-Op

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Post operative Instruction for a Fixed Appliance

– If the appliance is a space maintainer, no discomfort should be experienced other than getting used to the bands and wires
– If the appliance is a space regainer, some soreness is normal and can usually be relieved by whatever you would normally give your child for a headache.
– Occasionally the band(s) may debond from the tooth. It is important that we recement the band(s)as soon as possible, or food and bacteria can trap under the band and be very hard to keep clean. A cavity can start quickly under a loose band if left too long. Movement of the loose band while chewing also irritates the gums.
– Avoid playing with the appliances with fingers, pens, pencils, etc. The wires can bend, compromising their effectiveness and possibly moving the teeth where we do not want them to move
– Food and gum may get caught under the appliance wires. Your child may require help with brushing and flossing to keep it clean
– Appointments to check the appliance will be made for you as required by the doctor depending on the type of appliance
– If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our office