What do I do if one of my teeth gets knocked out in an accident or playing a sport?

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You may have your teeth knocked out in a car accident while playing or hitting a stationary object. There is a high likelihood of losing a permanent tooth. However, if you act fast, the situation can be salvaged so that you retain your tooth. Here are some things that you should do.

The dentists usually refer to the broken tooth as avulsed tooth. The tooth usually has its nerve endings and blood vessels damaged. These two cannot be repaired. This is why a root canal procedure is important on the tooth. The bone will attach to the root of your tooth once it has been put back in place by the dentist.

Once you have been hit, avoid touching the root of the tooth ( it is below the gumline) to avoid damaging the area

If the tooth got dirty when hit, hold the crown of the teeth and rinse it with milk. If milk is not available, you can use water. Avoid using fabric or a washcloth as you may cause damage to the crown

Ensure that the tooth is kept moist at all times. It is good that you drop it in a glass of milk or place it between your cheek and the gum. If the patient is a child, tell him or her to spit the tooth in a cup and add some saliva. If that is not possible, use water. The child may not hold the tooth in his or her mouth without swallowing.

What the dentist will do

As explained by Dr. Rob Andrew of Urban Smiles Family Dental, Edmonton Canada, it is important that you see the dentist in about 30 minutes to an hour after the accident for the reinsertion procedure. The root canal procedure is only done if the crown is intact. If the tooth is broken, the dentist will suggest a prosthetic tooth or a bridge. If there is some debris left in the socket, they will be removed at this stage.

Usually, the dentist splints the tooth in place with a composite material and a soft wire. This helps the tooth to remain in place for a few days. If you have broken your jawbone, it may take a little longer to have the tooth healed.

Once the tooth has been fixed, it will be checked after about three to six months for signs of infection. If none is found, you will have a yearly check up

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