Halloween: A Dentist’s Nightmare!

By October 30, 2017 No Comments

Well the joke goes that Halloween is in fact a dentist’s Christmas… All those kids digging into mountains of candy over the next week or two, with cavities abounding causing the greatest harvest of the year for the dentist. Well guess what, it’s not a joyous time for dentists, it’s a nightmare!!!

OK well to save some of the dramatics, maybe we are a little tongue in cheek on this one… That being said it is funny to think that most parents are extra adamant about kids brushing their teeth this time of year.  We all know that not brushing them is definitely not a good idea, but the thought of extra sugar should not be the only reason to get kids to brush!

Everyday of the year is just as important as October 31st,in terms of getting our kids to brush their teeth! Honestly a dentist loves helping people feel confident about their smile, and it’s time parents take every opportunity to teach kids about the importance of the health of our teeth!

The real nightmare a dentist faces is when we neglect the very thing they have trained so long and hard to protect! So this Halloween be sure to get your kids to brush their teeth! But also save your dentist from a nightmare, and teach them that EVERYDAY is the best day to take care of a smile!

We here at Urban Smiles Family Dental love your smile! Have a safe and Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to brush!!!

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